Solution Provider Program

Ocat is committed to managing and supporting a Solution Provider Program that promotes and rewards our global partner community at every level.


Whether you want to expand your services, win new clients, or improve customer retention, Ocat experts will provide partners with continuous support on your growth strategy and our software platform to ensure that you grow with your clients.


Why become a solution Provider?

Ocat Solution Provider Program will enable you to provide exceptional solutions to your customers while demonstrating greater value as a trusted advisor. Ocat Solution provider program will help you to become an Online marketing Service Provider.


Features of Ocat Solution Providers Program

1. Online Marketing  service using Ocat  will be  available through Ocat Solution Providers.


2. Solution providers can use Ocat Digital Marketing System to create Marketing channels for their clients.


3. Technical Assistance will be available for Marketing channel creation, Online catalog development, Internal & External Content Marketing Pages development, Search engine optimization & Social media Content from Ocat Technical Team

4. Marketing Assistance will be available for Ocat Solution Providers


Request for More Details about Ocat Solution Provider Program

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